5 benefits of online shopping

Pretty much everyone does some form of online shopping nowadays – it’s fair to say that we probably take it for granted. It’s also easy to assume that everyone and anyone (especially in Singapore) can shop online – but this isn’t actually the case. Why? Well,  in order to shop online, you need a (Visa or Mastercard) debit card…. and this isn’t something that everyone gets – even if they have a Singapore bank account.

Surprising? It surprised us too. Although Singapore’s foreign domestic workers are offered a bank account with POSB, it only comes with a NETS card. And of course you can’t use a  NETS card to buy things online. Which essentially means that the women who help us in our households miss out on these key advantages that you and I take for granted:

  1. Better prices. Cheaper deals are available online, because products come to you direct from the manufacturer or seller without involving middlemen or needing to cover the cost of a physical store.
  2. Time. Travelling to the shops, only to walk around and around and not find what you’re looking for…. Physical shopping is time-consuming, especially if it’s not something you really need to see or try before you buy it. 
  3. Price comparison. Being able to easily compare prices without walking around multiple different shops is one of the key advantages of shopping online. There are quite a few online bots that even do this for you.
  4. Quality for money. Online product reviews from real customers  give you a much more accurate depiction of the product itself than the labels in-store. If you’re buying something in a shop, you generally have to rely only on sight and your personal perspective to decide on the quality and suitability of the product.
  5. Local delivery. Want to buy a gift for a family member overseas? With online shopping, it’s as easy as finding a virtual store in their home country and arranging a local delivery.

 Without a branded debit card, Singapore’s helpers don’t get these advantages of online shopping that you and I take for granted. The result is that they often end up paying more for things than we do…..And we at Lucy didn’t think that was right – so we decided that all women in Singapore should be able to get a fee-free Lucy debit card. 

You can ensure your helper’s financial wellness by suggesting they create a free account with Lucy. She can get a free debit Mastercard for her online shopping, and also benefit from low-cost digital remittances home. You can pay her salary directly into her Lucy account too, and make financial management easier for both of you.


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