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Founded in 2012, CJ Bubble Productions shares their love for bubbles with people by providing bubble entertainment. They offer a range of services such as performing bubble shows, conducting bubble workshops and carnival activities, and hosting bubble play sessions. They create unique and novel bubbles, such as cube shaped and caterpillar shaped bubbles, using their very own bubble solution. To ensure perfect bubbles are created, their bubble solution has been formulated and made to suit Singapore’s climate, with quality ingredients imported from various countries. They perform for birthday parties, company family days and corporate events, community centre shows, and have even performed at the opening ceremonies of the Youth Olympics and Paralympics.

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About The Owner

Hi! I am Caroline (aka CJ the Bubble Girl), the founder of CJ Bubble Productions.

My background is in Interior Design and Fashion Design, and I have worked as a Learning Support Assistant at Tanglin Trust School for two years. It all started when I saw a clown in Singapore making giant bubbles. This piqued my interest and I tried making giant bubbles using store bought bubble solutions. However, I realised it didn’t work due to Singapore’s hot and humid climate. So, I started experimenting and making my own bubble solutions and bubbles. My love for bubbles grew and I wanted to share it with everyone else. While I was rather shy as a kid, my love for bubbles brought me out of my shell. With every bubble show or activity I conduct, I want to blow my audience’s minds, both children and adults. Everyone knows about bubbles but very few have actually seen uniquely shaped bubbles or know about the science behind bubbles.