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Founded in 2001, Fantasy Parties is a children’s party planning company which was created to make children’s birthday party dreams come true. Their services include performing skits and conducting games, craft and bubble activities. They also dress up as children’s favourite characters ranging from animals to princesses to superheroes. Fantasy Parties is dedicated to bringing smiles to children’s faces and delivering joy to children. Their team of entertainers are from diverse backgrounds and are passionate about acting and making children’s childhoods filled with laughter and wonder. With over 20 years of experience, they have become one of the most sought after event planners in Singapore.

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About The Owner

Hi! I am Caroline, the founder of Fantasy Parties.

My background is in Interior Design and Fashion Design, and I have worked as a Learning Support Assistant at Tanglin Trust School for two years. Fantasy Parties began when I helped throw a birthday party for my colleague’s daughter complete with games, goodie bags, a princess, and a nicely decorated palace. I had a lot of fun at that party and I realised I wanted to help fulfil more children’s party dreams. Combining my skills in Interior and Fashion Design with the tips on managing children that I picked up as a learning support assistant, I started my own party planning company. I’ve worked with many customers, some being adults whom I threw parties for when they were children! Just like how they had such an unforgettable experience, I hope that every party I throw will bring lots of smiles to my customers’ faces and will be memorable to them too.