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Beginning in 2021, ritseals offers a range of pre-made and ready to use wax seals that can be used for a variety of occasions, such as for wedding invitations and greeting cards. ritseals also sells personalised wax seal kits to customers who are keen to try their hand at making wax seals. Their most popular product is the Olive design wax seal which is elegantly designed and goes well with many wax colours. Their wedding wax seals are also very popular and loved among their customers.

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About The Owner

Hi! I’m Rita, the owner of ritseals.

I started this business because I enjoy the process of making wax seals. The process of pouring the wax to form a perfect circle is very satisfying to me because it means that the hardened wax seal would form perfectly. As I value all my customers, I ensure that all my products are of high quality and standard so that my customers will feel that the products that they have paid for are worth the price. I believe what’s most important when running a business is to simply be confident in what you offer and be proud of your products! Whenever my customers share with me photos of the wax seals they bought or created from their curated wax seal kit, I feel proud that I can share the joy that I experience when making wax seals for my customers. I’m thankful for all my customers and I hope that everyone would enjoy using my products and develop a love for wax seals too!