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Phonics and Math enrichment programmes


Sunrise Montessori specialises in providing Montessori Phonics and Montessori Math enrichment programmes for children between three-and-a-half and seven years-old. The programmes are designed to prepare children before Primary 1 by equipping them with the literacy abilities and laying strong mathematical concepts. To give only the best to the children, all materials are imported from “Nienhuis Montessori International ” in Holland, the world’s largest provider of Montessori materials. Children can look forward to learning in class with a small teacher to student ratio and in an environment of love, respect and acceptance. Shirley, the founder, is a devout Christian and she is passionate in her calling from her God to work with children since 2000. Sunrise Montessori was founded in 2004 with many success stories with testimonials from parents at their website.

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About The Owner

Hi, my name is Shirley, Founder of Sunrise Montessori.

I received my training from Montessori Centre International (London) with an International Diploma in Montessori Pedagogy. Prior to working with children, I worked in Human Resources and Pastoral Care. Over the many decades, Montessori education has proven records that young children are able to develop concentration, independence, and a sense of order by working on Montessori concrete materials in a prepared Montessori environment. Rapturous joy often fills my heart when children overcome deviations and grow holistically into competent individuals. I’m grateful to my God, the Lord Jesus Christ who called me into working with children. Children are precious in God’s sight and mine too. Besides achieving the goals set forth in Montessori Phonics and Math, my prayer is that every child who comes to Sunrise Montessori shall bring with them the art and joy of learning every single day. Hope to see many more children enjoy and benefit from this beautiful environment at Sunrise Montessori!