The Simplest Things

Handmade Press On Nails Vendor


The Simplest Things was birthed during the Pandemic in 2020. They started out with the intention of sharing their love for press on (removable) nails and bringing comfort to people during a time of uncertainty. They desire to make Beauty convenient and practical for women who do not have the luxury of time to visit a nail parlour, or who – due to the nature of their job – are unable to keep longer nails.  And they do so by bringing beautiful press on nails to them. Every set of nails ordered is lovingly and thoughtfully designed, hand painted, packed, and mailed by them.


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About The Owner

Hi! I’m Jolynn, the owner of The Simplest Things.

I named it The Simplest Things as I am a fan of minimalism, which is about removing the unnecessary things and leaving only what truly matters. This is reflected in the clean and neutral colour scheme and design of my website and social media pages. I hope that everyone who visits my online store will realise that pampering yourself doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming. It is a luxury everyone deserves. This business has brought me much joy and I’m thankful to everyone who has supported me thus far. And to all aspiring women entrepreneurs, I would like to leave you with a little piece of advice:

Don’t wait for the idea to be perfect to start. Just do it.