Aavik Organic

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Founded in 2020, Aavik Organic is a Singapore-based fashion brand that aims to promote sustainable clothing for women and kids.

All the apparel under their label is made with 100% organic cotton material – hand spun and hand woven, dyed using natural ingredients from plants and fruits, and hand block printed using wooden incised blocks. They are safe and healthy for the delicate skin of young children. It is also allergen-free and ideal for those with sensitive skin.

Aavik Organic supports communities of local artisans and NGOs in India – caring for their health, upliftment, and well-being.

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About The Owner

Hi, I am Aditi, the founder of Aavik Organic.

As a mother of 2, I firmly believe it is our responsibility to leave a better planet for future generations. When I conceptualized Aavik Organic, I had the vision to promote sustainable clothing and its benefits – good for the earth and safe for our skin.

Today, skin allergies, especially in babies and young children, are one of the key factors that cause them to fall sick. Clothing dermatitis, eczema, or rashes are manifestations on the skin by either reaction to the fiber itself or to the additives used in processing the fabric, such as pesticides, EZO dyes, and other highly toxic chemicals.

With this in mind, I launched a successful Kickstarter campaign for organic children’s wear, and I am delighted to extend our line to women’s fashion too! I hope that through this business, I will also be able to support the community of underprivileged women in India, to help them grow financially independent, and support their families below the poverty line.