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Founded in 2010, Acquire Global Coaching (AGC) focuses on helping business owners elevate their leadership to the next level, so they can scale their business, and future-proof their companies through a systematic transformation both at professional and personal levels. AGC has coached young professionals, mid-level managers, C Suite Executives, and business owners; and has helped them overcome challenges and deliver business results. Their coaching programs typically consist of six 60-90 minute sessions over a period of three months. Each coaching session is tailored to each clients’ needs where a coaching goal is set for each session and actionable steps are created to help clients reach the goals. As an ICF certified coach, AGC is bound by the principles of confidentiality set forth in the ICF Code of Ethics and does not disclose any client information without the client’s consent.

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About The Owner

Hi I’m Jass, the founder of Acquire Global Coaching.

I have 28 years of leadership and business experience including working at The World Bank, the United Nations; and as a management consultant and a trained behavioural and process coach. I started this business because I first received coaching in one of the positions I was in. Coaching gave me a different perspective and a level of self awareness which empowered me to see that I was capable of so much. I realised how powerful coaching is and I wanted to help other people realise their potential as well. My mission is to help my clients feel confident and empowered in understanding their own capabilities, such that they do not need anymore help after the coaching program. Throughout my years as a coach, I’ve been very blessed to have the opportunity to witness my clients transform from shrivelled flowers to shining, brilliant diamonds