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Founded in 2020, Artjumma aims to create a unique and memorable gifting experience for their clients to their loved ones.

Applying one of Ting Ting’s (Founder of Artjumma) two personal artistic styles, she turns real-life photographs of customers into lovely illustrations. Artjumma also offers options for their customer to print them on the selection of gift products which are great for everyday use. The gift catalog includes Gift Frames, Tote Bags, Tumblers, and Phone Cases.

Artjumma has served over 6,000 happy customers and counting.

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About The Owner

Hello! I am Ting Ting, the founder of Artjumma. I am a multidisciplinary artist who started practicing Art at six. I picked up Digital Art in 2019, during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Artjumma is a spin-off from the Korean word “ajumma” (translates married or middle age woman) and my passion, Art. The inspiration behind the name and logo, featuring an old lady, stems from the inspiration I drew during the pandemic period. I witnessed how many elderly went out of their comfort zone to upskill themselves – training for an abrupt digital economy, using electronic devices efficiently, and adopting cashless payment methods. If an old lady like Artjumma could use an iPad and create such wonderful Art, anything would be possible. Lifelong learning is an important value to have.

I take pride in every single piece of illustration and love the stories my customers share with me. I have drawn for numerous occasions, ranging from weddings, anniversaries, proposals, parties, baby showers, and memorial portraits.