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Founded in 2019, Artwave Studio draws inspiration from the daily things in life to create original podcasts and impactful experiences for people. They provide sound design services and write music for film and live performances. Their work revolves around the three main pillars of Arts and Culture, Wellness, and Sustainability. Their most popular podcast, Blind Diving, was done in collaboration with the Ocean Awareness Group where they took divers’ experiences and recreated them into ten minute audio dives for the public. Artwave Studio also works on special projects involving both audio and visual elements to provide a fully immersive experience for people. They were commissioned by the Esplanade to produce an online reunion dinner that reimagines the future for Huayi Festival 2022. 

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About The Owner

Hi I’m Sze Min, the founder of Artwave Studio.

I started Artwave together with my husband (who was my boyfriend then) as our skill sets complement each other. While I have a background in songwriting and enjoy meeting people and exchanging ideas with them, my husband’s strength lies in the technical aspect of production. Part of my dream for Artwave is to support freelance artists and other creatives in the industry in various aspects. Artists need time for creativity and as the manager of the team, I protect the artists’ time by meeting the clients for them. Besides that, I work with voice artists, host podcasts and create audio trails. Ultimately, I want people who listen to our podcasts or participate in our special projects to know that they have a choice to make. After being presented with the facts and stories of others, what will they do now? Will they change anything to make the situation better in the future? The choice is handed back to them.