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Started in 2021, Ballancer Works, a rental firm for Ballancer® Pro, began with the intention of making compression therapy and its benefits more accessible and available in Singapore. Ballancer® Pro is an advanced compression therapy technology system renowned for its lymphatic drainage technology. Ballancer® Pro uses special inflating compression garments to massage the body. Some benefits include: increased blood and lymphatic circulation, accelerated detoxification of the body and relaxed body muscles. The Ballancer® Pro comes in a lymphatic massage body jacket and lymphatic massage pants, and is rented out for a duration of one week.

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About The Owner

Hi I’m Maureen, the owner of Ballancer Works.

Following last couple of years of global events, I realised that I needed to start paying more attention to my health. That was when I decided to check out Ballancer® Pro, the famous lymphatic drainage technology machine. After trying it out, I didn’t just feel good but I also reaped the health benefits of the treatment. I was impressed with the results that I wanted to share the experience and benefits of the treatment with others. While the Ballancer® Pro technology was well known on social media platforms, I felt that many whom I knew didn’t know much about it. That was when I decided to start Ballancer Works, where people can rent and try out the Ballancer® Pro garments. I wanted everyone to know that Ballancer® Pro does work and the benefits are real! I hope that everyone who rents and uses the garments will experience the positive health effects of them and realise the importance of the technology in improving their health!