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Founded in 2015, Canvaseety believes in enhancing the natural beauty of their clients. They aim to make their clients feel good about themselves, and empower them to embrace their own beauty. Thus, birthing their purpose and motto: Paint People Prettier. Their clientele largely comprises women who do not apply makeup on a regular basis, and those who aspire to look like a better version of themselves on their big day or event. Natural does not equate to simple, their artists have spent years honing their skills to perfect that balance between natural and made up. As of 2022, Canvaseety has worked on 1000+ canvases and collaborated with many brands such as Kate Tokyo, Cezanne, L’Oreal, Pedro and American Express just to name a few. Besides offering hair and makeup services, Canvaseety conducts both personal makeup classes for people looking to learn how to doll themselves for work or events, and also courses to guide other aspiring makeup artists.

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Hi! I am Shu Zhen, founder of Canvaseety.
I started Canvaseety in my last semester of University back in 2015, where I was pursuing a Bachelors in Banking and Finance. I have always gravitated towards makeup as I was exposed to it since young in dance, but I wasn’t sure being a makeup artist was a feasible career path. However, I knew I didn’t want to join the rat race, so I took a leap of faith and started Canvaseety. After finishing my degree, I did a three-month makeup diploma and continued to update my skills further through attending classes held by other makeup artists and watching videos. “Canvaseety” comes from the phrase “Canvas City” – a city full of canvases. I see my clients as blank canvases, ready to be painted upon, ready to be made up. My surname, “Seet”, sounds similar to “Cit” in “City”, so I decided to merge it together to form Canvaseety! Running Canvaseety has allowed me to reconnect with old friends and make new ones, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to help others feel empowered and beautiful with the makeovers.