D'Arts and Designs

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Founded in 2011, D’Arts and Designs is an eco-bags and corporate gifts supplier in Singapore.

D’Arts and Designs is motivated to promote responsible giving via The Green Window concept, using only natural materials and eco-friendly ink for dye and print on request. The bags are designed and produced in their factory in India, where they maintain a lean team to control their overheads and quality. The manufacturing processes follow strict environmentally friendly practices and effective waste control measures with several international accreditations.

D’Arts and Designs have built a good client base that spans the big names across different industries like hospitality, banking, schools, and fashion. Their personalized attention makes them more than just another tote bag provider that serves you; they are a service provider with tote bags!

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About The Owner

Hi, I am Kavita, the founder of D’Arts and Designs.

I am an engineer by education and training and an artist by passion! After 20 years of coding and delivering software, I decided to take a break to rethink my options.

Making jute bags is a family business in India, so I thought it would be a great idea to design stylish and practical eco bags and promote them in Singapore. These 11 years have been a fruitful journey to see the rise of Jute Bag demands locally. During my first Singapore Gifts and Premiums Fair, many trade partners were unfamiliar with jute (many asked if they were gunny sacks!). Today, many big brands have adopted jute bags as their merchandise & gift carriers, knowing their higher environmental impact.

The pandemic was a time for internal reflection, and I was inspired to promote the concept of Mindful Living and Conscious Living Practices. To enable everyone to embrace this happy lifestyle, I have collaborated with an Indian manufacturer to bring happy gifts to our catalog.

I look forward to meeting some of you and enriching my journey as we grow together!