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Founded in 2018, Everyday Tour Company is a private food and culture tour company with a mission to bring people, both locals and tourists, to the hidden gems in Singapore and show them places that they wouldn’t have found on their own. Their tours skip past the typical tourist attractions in Singapore and allow customers to eat like a local and to understand the soul of the city. They host a range of physical and virtual tours that are customised to people’s interests. Their most popular tour, the Singapore Street Art and Street Food Tour, takes people on gastronomic walks to discover the multicultural underbelly of Singapore. Everyday Tour Company has hosted tours for companies such as Google, Microsoft, Temasek Foundation, and for food journalists.

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Hi! I’m Pei Shyuan (P.S.) , the founder of Everyday Tour Company.

I’m a native Singaporean and a world citizen at heart, having lived in 6 cities around the world. I’m a big Foodie and my motto is to never waste calories on bad food, especially when travelling and there is limited time. I hate the hassle of rushing around or following a tour guide to tourist attractions, but I love walking and exploring the secrets of the places I visit. I returned to Singapore because I felt so drawn by the city’s incredible culture and energy. As such, I decided to turn this passion into a company where I can help people discover Singapore through a new lens. I focus on street food for my tours because I believe it reflects the real and authentic Singapore. More than just the standard tour, I want travellers to love the streets, food and sights of Singapore like the locals do. Singapore fascinates me and I would love to show you why!