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Fattierolls began in 2021 with the aim to bond families and friends through their bakes. They hope to share their passion for confectionery with others so that they can enjoy the baked goods together. They sell mainly cream puffs, cookies and cakes with a variety of flavours. Their most popular products are their assorted cookies with Orella flavoured cookies being a customer favourite. They are open to customising their recipes to each customer’s preferences, for instance, making their baked goods less sweet or adding more chocolate chips.

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About The Owner

Hi I am Hui Shan, the owner of Fattierolls.

Since I was young, baking has always been my passion and I would share my bakes with my family, friends and neighbours. They’d often give me their honest feedback on the taste of my bakes. I would then experiment and improve my recipes. I started this business to share my love for confectionery with more people. I believe in having a balance in life, and definitely what we eat too! Fattierolls is not just a home-based bakery, but a platform that hopes to provide value and connection. I hope that all who taste my bakes would get a familiar sense of satisfaction and happiness, and feel at home!