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“Planted” in September 2020, Floral Knots specializes in resin products and gemstone accessories. Their best-selling resin products are their light stands and keychains, which they offer alongside a variety of bookmarks, coasters, and trinket trays. For their gemstone accessories, they curate a classic look with their traditional gemstones for your modern everyday wear. At Floral Knots, you can attend workshops, customise your own designs and rework your old accessories. Their handcrafted products made with love are suitable for you, your loved ones, and even as corporate gifts. Floral Knots aspire to bear fruits of love, light, and happiness and see their products as a form of love language not only towards others but also towards oneself.

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About The Owner

Hi! I am Adlucia, the founder of Floral Knots.

I have always loved crafts and been an extremely hands-on person, but it was Covid-19 that finally made me decide to explore my passion on the side, while I continued to work as an accountant. Unlike earlier, I now had the opportunity and resources to research, practice, and pick up new skills required for Floral Knots. I started by learning and creating the designs myself, to now having a wonderful team contribute to my vision. I am immensely grateful to my family and friends for their love and encouragement, and to my customers for all their support. It truly warms my heart to see repeat customers who turn into friends and even know that I have inspired others. It is difficult to maintain the image of a role model, though I hope each one of us strives to explore what we are passionate about and never stop learning.