House Of Pumpkin

Qualitative Knitwear, Kids Fashion, Knitting Class


House of Pumpkin is centered on creating luxurious qualitative knitwear. Founded by Joan in 2019, her primary motivation was to create unique knittings for her son. Everything that was on the market did not rise to her expectations. The fabric wasn’t soft enough, and the designs were neither modern nor whimsical, so she began her knitting store.

House of Pumpkin designs knitted clothes for kids and offers a few matching designs for moms and their kids. Besides creating high-quality and fashionable knitwear, they also provide knitting lessons to individuals and groups. Knitting is an activity enjoyed by many around the world and has many positive physical and mental effects on its participants.

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11:00 am - 5:00 pm
About The Owner

My name is Joan Lim, and I’m the founder of House of Pumpkin – a knitwear shop. Before starting my business, I worked in the business management industry, assisting business leaders with their tasks.

I picked up the best I could from my work experiences and built the courage to start my own business. Being a new mom, I wanted to provide the best for my son, so I created qualitative knitwear that looks and feels luxurious on the skin.

I am proud of how my clients come to me with joy and excitement after seeing their kids wearing House of Pumpkin’s knitting. It is a testimony of our success. After buying our knitwear or taking our knitting classes, I wish my clients would remember that you can still conquer any peak by expressing your true self, no matter how others perceive you.