It's in the Detail Design Studio

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It’s in the Detail Design Studio opened in Holland Village in 2002. Bali-inspired fashion, comfortable yet chic, and easy to care for fabrics and styles at fair pricing, aspiring women to feel confident and beautiful regardless of their age and budget. Their collection includes unique accessories, hand-crafted beads, and sterling silver jewellery plus lots of pretty gifts for many occasions. It’s in the Detail Design Studio is so much more than just a fashion boutique. As a small enterprise, they built a community #womensupportingwomen in Bali with all tailoring done in the home industry. Their mission is to contribute a small part to redefining women’s fashion. Ethically made by happy women, passionately and confidently worn by happy customers.

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About The Owner

Hi! I am Kerstin, the founder of It’s in the Detail Design Studio.

Originally from Germany, Bali captured me with its inspiring, creative and happy spirit. I simply knew, this is where I wanted to live. Without prior education in fashion or design, I started the studio purely out of passion and have continued learning and exploring ever since. The “follow your heart” and see where it takes you approach was applied. It now has been more than two decades working alongside my awe-inspiring team, who are more like a family to me. The wonderful feeling as a designer to bridge the gap between talented artisans and our appreciative and loyal followers is my personal dream come true. We do what we love … and love what we do. We hope you can feel the good vibes and personal touches, and truly understand, that we really love what we do!