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Kenneth Fish Stamps has been in Singapore for many decades and started out as a business that sells collectible stamps for collectors. Their range of collectible stamps were sourced from a dealer in the UK,  with the Great Britain, Strait Settlement and Christmas Island stamps being their most popular collectible stamps. Their stamps date back to the early 1970s and are all kept in perfect condition. Over the years, Kenneth Fish Stamps has evolved and now also sells a range of postage stamps, postcards, and envelopes. While they do not post mail for their customers, they help their customers prepare their mailing by weighing their mail and packages, and determining the number of stamps needed.

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About The Owner

Hi I am Elsie, the owner of Kenneth Fish Stamps.

Kenneth Fish Stamps was founded by my late boss, Mr Kenneth Fish. When I was 17 years old in 1962, I started working for Mr Fish as he was a friend of my father’s. He left me his business when he passed away in 2002 and I’ve been running the business ever since. Personally, I feel that caring for stamps is like raising a child. Stamps are delicate and a lot of effort and time is put into taking care of them. For example, keeping and storing the stamps in a dry and cool place and handling the stamps with clean and dry hands to ensure that the stamps remain in their original condition. Unfortunately, stamp collection is a dying hobby in modern Singapore. Nowadays, not many appreciate the art of stamp collection. I hope that I can create awareness and share my knowledge about stamps with people, and that they will grow to love stamps like me.