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Lice Lassies is a head lice removal business in Singapore. They provide confidential comb-through sessions at their client’s house and offer do-it-yourself lice kits.

The Lice Lassies team is made up of nit-pickers with lots of experience dealing with lice in their household and love helping other families.

Apart from comb-throughs, Lice Lassies also provide the tools and the know-how to ensure that their client continues the process of breaking the cycle. They use non-toxic products and aim for efficiency, so everyone can return to having fun without the itching!

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About The Owner

Hi, I’m Typhaine, the Founder and Chief Nit Picker of Lice Lassies.

I started Lice Lassies as it was a service I sought when my daughter had lice issues, but to no avail. I went through a lot of trial and error to figure out how to eliminate the lice and nits in her hair. Hence, I hope that through this business, I can share my tips and tricks with other parents so that they would not need to go through the same struggles I had.

I aim to eliminate lice in Singapore, one family at a time!