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LivingveggiebyAnia was founded in 2020 to promote the message that vegan food is not only healthy, but tasty and easy to prepare. Combining their expertise in food and nutrition with their love for food, LivingveggiebyAnia teaches people the practical and theoretical aspects of having a plant-based diet through their cooking classes and nutritional workshops. Their Vegan Persian cooking class is a customer favourite, while their workshop on “How our diet affects mental health?” is their most popular workshop. Through their classes and workshops, they not only teach customers what to put on their plate, but more importantly, what not to. LivingveggiebyAnia has presented at a number of festivals including: London Plant Power Expo, Singapore Vegan festival, The Conscious festival, and Green and Healthy festival.

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About The Owner

Hi I’m Ania, the founder of LivingveggiebyAnia.

I’m a certified nutritionist by the International Sports Sciences Association. I graduated in Plant Based Nutrition from both Cornell University (USA) and Winchester University (UK). It all started when I learnt that having a plant-based diet significantly reduces the chances of getting diseases. However, I wasn’t sure if it would be easy or practical to be a vegan. As such, I took small steps, and gradually grew passionate about having a plant-based diet. Being a passionate foodie, I love cooking and creating new recipes. I soon realised that eating healthily and having a vegan diet did not mean I had to compromise on eating flavourful meals. That’s when I decided that I wanted to share this with others. I want people to be aware of the power of food. I want them to not only learn how to cook new and tasty dishes, but also how they can reap the maximum nutrition by combining certain ingredients together.