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GLOW SPACE™ was founded in July 2021 with a mission to help others, especially women, elevate their growth, improve their mental well-being, and live their best life.

As our founder, Trinh has worked with many individuals on their personal and professional growth; she found out that one of the key factors that stop them from thriving in life is the state of their mental health. She also realized that many people, especially introverts, struggle to express their emotions and share them with others.

In addition, seeing a therapist is still a stigma, and investing, in the long run, can be a hefty sum. She thought about how she could address the needs and concerns of these individuals while supporting them with self-care strategies that help them keep their mental well-being in check.

This led to the birth of GLOW journal® with a mission to help others elevate their mental well-being while creating the future they desire through journaling.

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Hello, I am Trinh – the founder and author of GLOW journal®. I have almost twenty years of experience in the hospitality and consultancy industries, specializing in hotel pre-opening and management, customer experience design, and team building. I am also a certified transformational coach specializing in positive psychology and mindfulness.

GLOW represents the core values that guide our daily lives: We practice Gratitude daily. We do everything with Love. We are Original*. We constantly seek *Wisdom. GLOW is also the English meaning of my late mother’s name, who was a strong and kind woman. In the same way, she has inspired and motivated me to be the woman I am; I wish to continue her legacy to spread kindness and empower other women. Starting and growing a business isn’t easy, and despite many ups and downs, I am most proud of my ability to shift my mindset and keep going.

Despite their amazing benefits, coaching and journaling are still new to many of us. I aim to empower my clients with these tools to take charge of their lives and be who they want to be as they discover the power within them.