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Founded in 2014, Popsicle.asia is a winter and ski wear rental service for all ages. Popsicle.asia realised that winter wear can be an expensive investment for people in Singapore, especially for those with young children, how quickly they outgrow their winter clothing. To solve this issue and also the problem of finding storage for winter wear, they have come up with an extensive range of high quality, warm, and fashionable winter wear for adults and children to rent. They carry brands such as The North Face, Ralph Lauren, and Columbia Sportswear, and curate the winter wear for their customers according to their customers’ travel destinations.


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About The Owner

Hi I’m Maureen, the founder of Popsicle.asia

I grew up in Moscow, Russia which sees plenty of snow every winter. My husband’s hometown, London, is also no stranger to freezing temperatures. Having moved to Singapore in 2006, my family will always have to be decked out in winter gear at least once a year when we visit our families back home. But living in Singapore meant that we ended up with an ever growing pile of winter clothing. It also made no economic sense to purchase winter wear for my kids who kept outgrowing it each year. That’s how Popsicle.asia was born. I want to ensure that everyone who travels to places with low temperatures gets to be warm, comfortable, and enjoys the trip without the problem of first looking for cold weather clothes and then having to store endless piles of winter wear at home.