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Founded in May 2021, Purple & Pure aims to reduce single-use plastic waste and promote a zero-waste lifestyle in Singapore. Providing socially and ecologically responsible products, Purple & Pure believes that even the slightest change we make every day could contribute to a significant impact in the future.

Purple & Pure offers a collection of eco-friendly products, including their best-selling Bamboo Toothbrush that comes with a replaceable organic bamboo brush head and a forever aluminum handle designed to last a lifetime. Other interesting everyday products include plantable stationery, organic bags, multi-purpose pouches, and upcycled flower incense sticks that fill your space with rejuvenating fragrances.

Going green is a daily conscious effort, and Purple & Pure makes it easy! Sustainable corporate gifting solutions are available too.

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About The Owner

Hi, my name is Ankita, and I’m the founder of Purple & Pure.

My zero waste journey started with cloth nappies for my firstborn – it was a money-saving journey too! I became more conscious of our plastic consumption in our daily lives. Knowing the devastating impact of plastic pollution, I decided to be part of a movement to reduce plastic consumption by offering sustainable alternatives.

I have always aspired to start a business and do something I genuinely believe in. The opportunity came, and I founded Purple & Pure. Purple symbolizes magic, and I hope that through this business, I can do some magic to save the purest and most beautiful Planet Earth.

Besides offering eco-friendly products, Purple & Pure uses recycled shipping materials and encourages our customers to reuse or donate them.

My proudest moment? When my son says, “Mum, thank you for taking steps to save the environment.”