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Founded in 2020, Sanwraps creates vibrant vintage and rustic styled flower pieces mainly for weddings. While they mostly work with preserved and dried flowers, they also offer fresh flower pieces. Their flower pieces include: bridal and gift bouquets, flower installations at events, flower domes, and vase pieces. Their most popular product is their preserved flower bridal bouquets as they are hassle-free and longer lasting than fresh flowers which gives customers a tangible object to hold their memories. They also conduct workshops where participants learn to make preserved and dried flower bouquets. Additionally, Sanwraps offers bespoke flower pieces which are tailored to their customers’ tastes and preferences and are loved for their dusty pink styled flower pieces.

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About The Owner

Hi I am Si Jia, the owner of Sanwraps.

Making flower pieces started out as a hobby for me during Circuit Breaker. Initially, I did not do any research as I wanted to be original and tried adding my own spin to the flower pieces. However, as my interest in flower pieces grew, I started researching and learning more about flowers and colour matching, and put what I learnt to practise, of course, with my own touch. Overtime, it blossomed into a business. I feel that what I do is very meaningful as I help my customers preserve their memories through the flower pieces I make. I’ve also had the privilege of following some of my customers through their journey in life. I’ve helped a couple create flower pieces for their proposal, pre-wedding and wedding shoots. It has been a very fulfilling experience as I get to witness their journey. I feel honoured that I get to help them create these precious moments and I hope to be able to do the same for all my customers too!