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Saruchi R Jewellery (“SRJ”) has been founded by and is the vision of Singapore-based jewellery designer – Saruchi Chauhan. SRJ believes in the “expression of an individual’s uniqueness” which forms a quintessential part of their creative designs. Inspired by people and their modern work lives, Their designs are elegant and perfect for all occasions reflecting genuine authenticity, individual appeal and custom finish, which mass-produced items simply don’t have. Every phase of the jewellery-making process at SRJ is carefully managed and controlled using only the best quality fine metals and natural gemstones. SRJ is available worldwide through international and local e-commerce platforms and various physical pop-up stores in Singapore. SRJ aims to provide the same joy to people wearing their jewellery as they feel while crafting it.

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About The Owner

Hi, I am Saruchi, the founder of “Saruchi R Jewellery”. I spent my formative years in India and it has been more than a decade now that I am based in Singapore with my husband and daughter.

I’ve been a jewellery lover all my life and was always creatively inclined. Upon arriving in Singapore, I realized the huge gap existing between fashion and fine jewellery here. That’s where I saw the potential for a mid-range affordable line that explores the goodness of natural semi-precious gemstones and more affordable metals like 925 and 14k solid gold, and hence ended up launching my own jewellery line. Femininity inspires and is celebrated by my designs. I believe one does not need a special occasion to wear jewellery. It should be cherished and be a part of our everyday lives and still be able to express an individual’s uniqueness. SRJ has been a fulfilling journey that I’m immensely proud of.