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Founded in 2021, is a facial business run by two sisters and their mother. They offer affordable and gender-neutral facial treatments which regenerate and moisturize skin. offers free skin analysis to customers to help them understand their skin and find practical ways to improve their skin condition on a daily basis. Their most popular facial treatment is Guasha facial, which helps with the detoxification and rejuvenation of skin. strives to provide the best to their customers by providing a homely and cosy environment for their customers to relax in while having their facial treatments.

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About The Owner

Hi! We are Hui Shan and Hui Yun, the co-founders of

We started this business because we wanted to help people, especially those with skin and acne problems, look and feel better through facials. Having gone through bad acne breakouts before, we understand how skin problems can make people feel insecure and feel that people may judge them. That’s why we named our business Shufti, which means taking a quick look at something or someone. Through our facials, we want to improve our customers’ skin such that people will take a quick peek at their skin because of their good complexion. If our customers come to us with skin troubles, we hope to help them find skin solutions and regain their confidence. We want our facial place to be a safe space for people to come as they are and feel comfortable and at home.