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Unlike other art jamming studios and cafes, The Art Nooq offers a private experience, where you can relax whilst learning the techniques and explorations of Artmaking. Everything is flexible and manageable, just like how art should be. A conducive space takes away the pressure and the “prestige” of artmaking. Doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or an amateur, everyone starts without knowing their final product and learns by enjoying their own process. Certainly, support and advice are provided for anyone needing extra guidance. At The Art Nooq, you can find Art Jamming (once-off) and Art Lessons: an 8-part workshop offered in multiple mediums. They engage in collaborations, and corporate events, and can even deliver macaron painting kits to your doorstep with virtual lessons.

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About The Owner

Hi I’m Sara! A painter, an avid solo backpacker, and owner of The Art Nooq.

I honed my skills by studying Art Education at Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts & the Singapore National Institute of Education, with my artwork and style mainly influenced by European classical painters. An MOE Art Teacher for close to 8 years, I taught in both Primary and Secondary schools, taking the graduating cohorts for O-level Art and also in Montessori Kindergarten. I started this studio to promote the fine arts and creative culture in Singapore, especially to the adults, as I thought our Art education system was not as refined as it is today. Nooq comes from the word “nook” which means, a small corner of seclusion and security, which I hope to provide for my customers. I don’t expect everyone to be an artist after leaving The Art Nooq, but at least they know they will always have a place to create art.