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Unfortunately in today’s world, criminals could pretend to be Lucy staff in order to obtain your account details and use them for their own benefit. 

This page gives you an overview of what we at Lucy have in place to help protect you from these types of criminals, as well as what you can do to protect yourself.

What can criminals try to do?

Criminals can try to access your account by pretending to be Lucy employees and may try and trick you into thinking that they’re part of our support team. Their aim is to get you to give them your account details, including your password, PIN, card number, and so on. These kinds of criminals will almost always approach you unexpectedly, saying that there’s a problem with your account. We will never do this.

Here are the most important things to remember.

  • Lucy staff —even those you chat with on our support portal— will never ask for your app PIN, card PIN, or any passwords. If someone claiming to be from Lucy asks for any of these, take a screenshot and report them by sending us a support ticket straight away
  • We will only communicate with you about your account via our support portal. If you engage in email communication with a member of the team, this will happen first through the support portal.
  • Always use the most recent version of the app (download via Apple App Store or Google Play Store)
  • Lucy does not provide account support through Facebook, WhatsApp, SMS, email, or through any partner. If you contact (or are contacted by) anyone claiming to be a Lucy agent outside of the support portal, it is a scam

We work very hard to keep your account safe. We use sophisticated software that is consistently looking for unusual behavior that may indicate fraud. However, no security system is 100% foolproof all of the time, which is why it’s important for everyone —that means you, and all of us at Lucy— to remain vigilant in order to keep ourselves safe.