Shibani Lal

By Vriti Wadhwa / 3rd August, 2021 / Comments Off on Shibani Lal

Growing up in India, there was no escaping the inequalities of income and the lack of opportunities for the vast majority of the population. I watched women – particularly from lower-income backgrounds – work hard all day and often for very little. What bothered me more than the fact that they didn’t make much, was…

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Dana Baldwin

By Vriti Wadhwa / 27th April, 2021 / Comments Off on Dana Baldwin

Growing up, I was always on some kind of hustle. Whether the corner lemonade stand, or later in my teens working multiple jobs and designing and selling jewelry, I have always appreciated the freedom of choices that working provides, and have had a great respect for entrepreneurs borne from my early experiences. My professional career…

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Nadia Benamara

By ChillyBin Web Design / 30th November, 2020 / Comments Off on Nadia Benamara

I admire my parents. They raised my sister and I to expect a very different world, devoid of the kind of hardship they themselves experienced as children. Born during WWII, they learned young how to struggle hard – my mother in post-war Germany, my father amidst Algeria’s subsequent war of independence from France. Over time,…

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Anna Trybocka

By Vriti Wadhwa / 30th November, 2020 / Comments Off on Anna Trybocka

I am the CEO and founding partner of CrescoData; A Platform-as-a-Service business that helps automate the commerce ecosystem. After a degree from LSE and a masters from City university, I worked in both the public and private sector for over 18 years in commercial and product roles across Europe and Australasia. Roles included Director of…

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Kai Mata

By ChillyBin Web Design / 3rd September, 2020 / Comments Off on Kai Mata

The land I call home, Indonesia, is a sunny archipelago filled with tropical jungles, scenic beaches, and vibrant spices to titillate all senses. However, Indonesia casts a shadow that contains an expansive history subordinating certain groups of the population, such as women, ethnically Chinese-Indonesians, and members of the LGBTQ+ Community. I am all three. I…

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Emma Sherrard Matthew

By ChillyBin Web Design / 3rd September, 2020 / Comments Off on Emma Sherrard Matthew

Born in Singapore and educated in Hong Kong, Malaysia and an all-girls boarding school in the UK, I have always truly enjoyed the support of my tribe of girlfriends. I know first-hand how powerful a collective voice can be when put to good. My career began in New Zealand before I moved to London in…

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Ellenor Varvel

By Vriti Wadhwa / 3rd September, 2020 / Comments Off on Ellenor Varvel

Lucy is a culmination of all of the things that I have a passion for in this world. In my birth country, I was gifted a good education. As an adult, I readily got the jobs and homes that I applied for. I received a bank account, the college education of my choice, and a…

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Rebecca Yik

By ChillyBin Web Design / 3rd September, 2020 / Comments Off on Rebecca Yik

Rebecca has over 20 years in creative and digital strategy across 5 countries. Rebecca led Experience Design for SingTel, was the Head of Strategy for Tigerspike for South East Asia and 100+ digital team for Optus in Australia. Rebecca has spent most of the last 10 years working within innovation teams specialising in fintech disruption.…

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Rachel Baartz

By Vriti Wadhwa / 3rd September, 2020 / Comments Off on Rachel Baartz

I truly believe we are at a tipping point in history as far as gender equality is concerned. The conversations and movements that are happening around the world are a result of the collective voices of women who want not only to be heard for the strong individuals that they are, but importantly demand equality…

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Angela Conroy

By ChillyBin Web Design / 3rd September, 2020 / Comments Off on Angela Conroy

This is equally true with the funds you allocate as an investor. Female founders are critically underfunded, starving them of the resources they need to grow. However, this is changing and movements like Lucy are the catalyst. I was so incredibly fortunate to spend the first 12 years of my career managing projects for mining…

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