Every dollar you spend . . . is a vote you cast for the world you want.

L.N. Smith


Angela Conroy

This is equally true with the funds you allocate as an investor. Female founders are critically underfunded, starving them of the resources they need to grow. However, this is changing and movements like Lucy are the catalyst.

I was so incredibly fortunate to spend the first 12 years of my career managing projects for mining and oil and gas companies across Australia, Africa, Europe and Asia. This has fostered a life-long love of travelling and engaging with different cultures.

Most recently I have put everything I have into building my own company from the ground up from ideation through to product design, fundraising and customer acquisition.

Throughout this journey I have learnt that you have to be committed…absolutely, ruthlessly, uncompromisingly committed. Second to this is a solid network. I have been supported every step of the way by an incredible group of colleagues, advisors, investors, mentors and friends. I am now keen to pay-it forward for the next generation of innovative, passionate entrepreneurs.

Artist: Nasiruddin Akmal, from Indonesia