Working hard for way less money makes sense when you're contributing to a better world for your daughter.


Rebecca Yik

I have spend over 20 years in creative and digital strategy across 6 countries, Australia, Canada, Singapore, Thailand, Hong Kong and Bali. I led Experience Design for SingTel, was the Head of Strategy for Tigerspike for South East Asia and 100+ digital team for Optus in Australia. I have spent most of the last 10 years working within innovation teams specialising in fintech disruption. Now in Bali, I run my own company Hatch working with Luke Janssen and Silkstone Partners dedicated to founding and growing purpose driven sustainable businesses.

I have distilled all of my knowledge and experience into an approach that gives products and companies the best chance of succeeding. What makes me happy is using my experience and long time friendship with Luke Janssen to create an offer that can help people realise their dreams. Being able to help people realise their dreams and be a part of the purpose and fulfilment they feel creating their own company is what gets me out of bed in the morning… and my daughter of course. She wakes me up too. Probably more.

Artist: Hilal Fauzi, from Indonesia