I am no expert in banking, or FinTech; but I am deeply passionate about enabling women from all walks of life to be self-sufficient; empowered; and to create something amazing. Lucy for me represents the opportunity to help women financially as well as with advice and support from an equally passionate community, guiding them on their road to fulfilment.


Sarah Boyd

Rather scarily I have close to 25 years’ experience in both the corporate and entrepreneurial world; having worked for many years for big consumer brands like Coca-Cola, L’Oreal and Bourjois; and then in the retail sector in the Health & Beauty space both for Guardian Health & Beauty and for Sephora. Raised and educated in Singapore until I was 16 I have lived and worked in Europe as well as Asia.

When my kids were very small, I decided to step out of traditional employment and I spent around 5 years running a startup called ‘Launch!’ We were a Sales and Marketing agency, selling amazing brands into the market, and even starting one up on our own. We specialised in premium spirits brands and it was an amazing ride! Looking back, more than anything, I recognise the value of the network we developed of trusted advisors who helped us chart a path through something very alien and quite scary. I also recognise that banking was not set up to help us and to give good advice. I just thought at the time I was asking the wrong questions.

Outside of my pretty all-consuming work life, I spend as much time as I can on a yoga mat, and outside, walking my dogs and occasionally jogging (slowly). I am passionate about great food – great quality ingredients, cooking for people and eating! I have two amazing teenagers who are just starting to think about their own journeys through work and adulthood, and I hope some of the stories we can help create at Lucy will inspire them to do something that they are passionate about and that will bring them great fulfilment.

Artist: Wishtle, from USA