Charlette Desire N'Guessan (1)
“The best advice I can give to my sisters in tech is to not allow anyone to stop you from chasing your dream. Continue to invest in your education, grow as leaders, expand your network, and always remember that tech is not about gender but about skills and passion.”

Ivory Coast

Charlette Desire N’Guessan

Ivorian based in Ghana, Charlette is a tech entrepreneur who collaborates with various organizations that strongly advocate for gender balance in the tech ecosystem. She has a degree in Electronic and Software Engineering and certified in data science and machine learning by Worldquant University. Also, she is a certified digital identity practitioner and co-author of the AI ​​BOOK published by Wiley in April 2020.

Charlette is passionate about solving problems using technology. Since 2018, she is a co-founder and CEO of BACE GROUP, a disruptive tech startup that provides AI-powered facial recognition services for online identity verification. This stemmed from the lack of ID usage in Africa, making it difficult to verify identification, especially in banks.  Hence, her team created a digital identification API to be integrated into existing platforms in financial companies. 

Charlette N’Guessan is the first woman to win the Africa Engineering Prize awarded by the Royal Academy of Engineering. She is also one of the 100 Influential Young African Leaders and has been recognized as one of the top AI ​​leaders to follow in Africa.

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