The difference between a broken community and a thriving one is the presence of women who are valued.

Michelle Obama


Michelle Obama

Holding two Ivy League degrees, an author, a mother, a health advocate for youth, and a role model for women all around the world, Michelle is an icon.

In 2010, she started the “Let’s Move!” initiative in America which addressed key issues in childhood obesity and ways to implement better living. In 2011, she joined forces with Second Lady Jill Biden to launch Joining Forces, an initiative to support members of the armed forces and veterans. This included education, wellness, and employment opportunities for their families. In 2015, Michelle led the “Let Girls Learn” program, aimed to provide quality education to girls who couldn’t afford it around the world. She promoted programs that helped reduce gender-based violence and educated women on their rights.

As former First Lady, Michelle Obama has become a legacy for young women. She consistently brings attention to the necessity of quality education in order to create a positive ripple effect, which led to the launch of the Girls Opportunity Alliance in 2018. She empowers people by bringing light to the importance of nurturing and uplifting communities and societies through the means of education. With education, girls can have healthier mindsets, high salaries, and lower poverty rates. She truly believes investment in young girls is the key to a more gender equal future.

Artist: Lisa Taranchenko, from the United States