It doesn’t matter who you are if you want to be successful.

Rebecca Bustamante


Rebecca Bustamante

Before becoming CEO of a renowned company, Rebecca started off as a domestic helper in Singapore for three years to help pay off her family’s debt. There, she managed to complete an undergraduate program alongside being a domestic worker. She continued her education in Canada- where she finished graduate studies while working as a nanny. Her hard work and yearn for success determined her to constantly learn and develop new skills, despite having a full-time job.

Realizing the potential of growth and opportunity in Canada, Rebecca started a recruitment agency that helped bring other domestic helpers there as well. She wanted to help Filipinos receive a better quality of life that she knew was possible, and wanted to inspire them to be able to succeed from rock bottom. Her future goal is to bring in her love and faith for the Philippines to make it a land of growth, success, and more prosperous living.

Alongside finding her own company, she also started the ASIA CEO Forum in 2009, the biggest national business event series in the Philippines. Bustamante is an iconic example of never giving up on your dreams, despite ones’ background or history. She is now back in the Philippines as a motivational speaker and mentor to inspire others and help transform their careers.

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