My mother was against me being an artist. She just wanted me to marry a rich man.


Yayaoi Kusama

Often known as the “Princess of Polka Dots,” Yayoi Kusama is a Japanese contemporary artist who has left her mark in the world through her avant-garde concepts. She is most well known for her repeating dot patterns and eccentric installations, that often have people waiting in line for hours outside museums or art galleries.

For most of her life Kusama voluntarily lived in a psychiatric institution, which has been reflected in her work as a desire to escape psychological trauma. As a way for viewers to understand her experiences, she creates installations where people can share her vision of endless dots and infinity mirror spaces.

Moving from Japan to New York to chase her artistic dreams, Kusama is often known as a rare female artist in a male-dominated society. Standing her ground in being one of the most important figures in both minimalism and pop art, she is considered an inspiration in differentiating herself from male peers. Her work has often interpreted human and female rights, and the nature of femininity as she has interrupted social norms and expectations related to women.

Her work is unique in the sense that it’s an elegant crossover between fashion and art, and connects both to the young and old.