Pay it forward

Use your Lucy Lumen reward points to spread the love
and help less fortunate women


Donate a hot meal

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Reward a community childminder

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Equip a helper to enjoy Sunday exercise

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Help a home baker to rise :o)

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Bring free exercise to more helpers

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Send us your suggestions!

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All you need to do is order and use your Lucy debit Mastercard for your usual purchases - in shops or online. You'll earn 1 point for every $10 you spend in any single transaction.

The points you have accumulated are shown in your Lucy side menu, near the bottom. You'll see a little "sun" symbol with a number next to it. That's your points!

You can just send us a support ticket through the Lucy app quoting the product code for the reward you'd like to purchase, and we'll do the rest!

It's a real reward that goes to a real person. Wherever possible (and bearing in mind privacy requirements) we'll send you a photo or some other detail of who your reward has helped.

We'll be happy to discuss further! Please get in touch using the form on our home page and let us know about the project, and someone will be in touch.

Yes, you can ! Just drop us a support ticket from within the app and give us your friend's Lucy email address and we will arrange this for you.