The Importance Of Scheduling Personal Finance Meetings With Yourself

Operating a home is just as complex and time-consuming as running a business since you must ensure that the shopping is done, the helper is paid, and you have some extra funds for emergencies. But how can you make your home life less hectic?

Become the Household CEO

If you are in charge of the bulk of your home’s and family’s activities and lifestyle, you should consider yourself as CEO of the household. Without a solid foundation of a clear strategic plan, no successful firm can flourish. The CEO initiates and oversees the development and implementation of this plan. As the home CEO, you are responsible for helping your family define the objectives, priorities, finances, and course of action.

Why You Should Set Finance Meetings with Yourself

The CEO always comes across as calm, arrives on time for work, commands respect, and understands company goals, what’s going on, and what’s coming up.

Consider your personal and household financial meetings to be business or work meetings.  Remember that these sessions should assist you in preparing a budget that you will use to measure your financial success and maintain track of your expenses.

If you want to manage your household resources properly, you must schedule a personal finance meeting with yourself. It is best to organize these budget meetings regularly and establish clear financial goals. This will be advantageous to you in the long term.

Having a household budget allows you to stay on top of things around the house. Many CEOs have access to a plethora of financial modelling software and other advanced computational and prediction tools. However, in most circumstances, the only instruments required by the household CEO is a pen, notepad, and sometimes a simple calculator.

How then do you set up for the meeting? Here’s how:


If you want anything done, you must allocate it to one individual. Outline the many departments or job titles that your function as CEO will necessitate. Establish official work titles for yourself, your spouse, and your children (they may take a while to get used to this :o). This will need you to take a serious look at your responsibilities regularly and write them down.

Customize The Agenda

Define agendas for your meetings and set a tone for future sessions. You might go through your monthly financial objectives, financial lessons learned, and progress made in previous meetings. To run a successful household, you must have clearly defined expectations and a system to organise and manage them, and be ready for the unexpected.


Business CEOs are often supported by an entourage of professional advisors. Usually, the modest household CEO is left alone to work things out. Fortunately, not any more.

Lucy — a mobile banking app built by women, for women – is a simple way to get help managing your family budget and helper salary. Lucy allows you to create several fee-free accounts, each with its own prepaid Mastercard – one for you, one for your groceries, one for each of your children.


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