What our customers are saying

I am excited to say that you have two new customers! Today my helper and I completed signing up for the service, I transferred in money to Lucy, became connected with her, transferred her salary to her and then she sent that to the Philippines. She was most excited about the earned wage access, that she only had to pay $3 to transfer the funds to the Philippines (not $8) and I was happy that I did not have to go to the ATM to withdraw cash! It was GREAT!
- Andrea, finance professional & mother

Having a separate account for my household expenses have been a godsend! Often in a month, even though I budget x amount for say, dining out, I don't track my expenses. I have a Mastercard for my Lucy account and use that exclusively whenever I am dining out. By separating finances as such, I don't need to keep an eye on any excel sheets--making my life much easier!
- Ava, Mother

I am a mumpreneur and have been using Lucy to manage my business expenses. In the past, I went through lots of paperwork just to open a SME account with a bank. With Lucy, I opened an account instantly and received a Mastercard that looks really cool! Now I am using it to pay my staff too.😄"
- Ying, entrepreneur & mother

Love the Lucy banking app! I don't have a helper, but it works great as a first card for my pre-teen. Especially since so many places are cash-free now!"
- Ellenor, entrepreneur & mother

Fabulous to have such a useful and user-friendly app for helpers for employers. Really recommend it!
- Helen, lawyer & mother


Lucy is a mobile money app for women. Designed by women and regulated by the Monetary Authority of Singapore, Lucy provides you with:

Fee-free accounts, each with a debit Mastercard 
You can have as many physical or virtual cards as you like... one for you, one for your small business, one for your household and groceries, one for your children.

Named savings pockets with goals
A convenient way to save for large lump sum expenses

Automated salary payments for your helper
Including salary advance management (no more forgetting to deduct it at the end of the month!)

Do you have a helper? She can have her own Lucy account and Mastercard too, and benefit from low-cost digital remittances back home - just a fixed $1.50 to banks, and $3 to cash agents, plus very good exchange rates - directly from within the app.

Create your Lucy account for free today - that's right, there are NO sign-up or monthly fees!

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  • Open a free account in minutes


  • Fee-free account 
  • Mastercard debit card
  • No-interest salary advances
  • Savings pockets
  • Loan management
  • Low-cost remittances
  • Peer and mentor support
  • E-training and marketplace
Easy to open fee-free accounts

Fee-free accounts with Mastercard 

Create your account in minutes, issued with your own Lucy Mastercard with no fees or minimum balance. You can have as many as you like... one for you, one for your small business, one for your household and groceries, one for your children.


Easy to create separate accounts with meaningful names and goals. No fees or minimum balance. Lucy helps you remove temptation to spend and encourages you to save towards your dreams and realising your potential. Lucy turns what ifs into when can we start.



Once you have set up your helper's salary. Payments are automatically deducted from your specified account. You will receive an email and app notification when this is completed, or if you need to top up or fund your account if your balance is low.


Lucy's Salary feature includes interest-free salary advances. Lucy will manage salary accumulation tracking and enable your helper to see how much she has earned and draw down on it whenever she needs to, for a small fixed fee. No more forgetting to deduct those small loans at the end of the month.



Coming soon to Lucy is loan management. Designed to remove painful administration and awkward conversations between you and your helper. Set up a loan by choosing your interest rate, the loan amount and the duration. It will show what your helper's payments would be per month (so you check whether it’s really achievable and leave the rest to Lucy! The instalments would be automatically deducted from your helper's monthly salary. As this will also be tracked and there will be an opt-in “loan agreement” from both sides, there will be no dispute.